Thursday, May 10, 2012

Old World Tour


We're hitting Europe again. And when we hit you it will feel like a kiss.

18/05/2012 Leipzig (DE), La Familia Y Amigos Festival
19/05/2012 Berlin (DE), Westgermany
20/05/2012 Aalborg (DK), 1000 Fryd
21/05/2012 Goeteborg (SE), Koloni
22/05/2012 Oslo (NO), Klubbscenen
23/05/2012 Stockholm (SE), Mother at DFB (Debaser Slussen)
24/05/2012 Copenhagen (DK), KB18
25/05/2012 Bielefeld (DE), AJZ
26/05/2012 Frankfurt (DE), IVI
27/05/2012 Dresden (DE), Discorporate Festival
28/05/2012 Wuerzburg (DE), Kellerperle (early show)
30/05/2012 London (UK), Old Blue Last
31/05/2012 Brussels (BE), Les Ateliers Claus
01/06/2012 Roubaix (FR), L’Ara/Alcatraz
02/06/2012 Paris (FR), Fleche d'Or
03/06/2012 Lyon (FR), Sonic
04/06/2012 Montpellier (FR), Rockstore
05/06/2012 Geneva (CH), L’Usine
06/06/2012 Esslingen (DE), Villa Merkel
07/06/2012 Vienna (AT), Arena

Dream Seeds is out on CD in Europe now, on Africantape.We'll have that for sale as well as the vinyl and some brand new T-shirts. As always we are truly glad to be coming over. Hope to see you.

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