Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Album


We are quaking. The new album, titled "Dream Seeds", will be released on April 10 in the US and May 7 in Europe/UK/Japan, on CD, LP and digital formats. The US version will be our first release on Northern Spy Records, the highly serious new label which has been doing all kinds of things with Zs, Hubble, Rhys Chatham and more. The international version will be released by the always wonderful Africantape , who we're amped to still be working with.

Here's what it will look like, courtesy of Caroline Teagle :

"Dream Seeds" is definitely a concept album, the themes of which I won't elaborate on here, but it's very much of a piece. The record includes all the previously unrecorded songs we've been playing live for the past year, plus a couple never-performed songs, all tough-lovingly recorded by Extra Life's own Caley Monahon-Ward, in collaboration with Ben Greenberg :

1. No Dreams Tonight
2. Righteous Seed
3. Discipline for Edwin
4. Little One
5. First Song
6. Blinded Beast
7. Ten Year Teardrop

Not to get onto some hip hop shit with the self-hype but I sincerely feel this is our best record yet, due in large part to the more collaborative band creative process behind the songs, and also Caley's mad-scientist recording approach.

We'll be doing a small handful of shows in the Northeast US in April. In May/June we'll be touring Europe/UK and then in July we'll do a full tour of the US.

We're thrilled to be sharing this. No Christo, but he that hath ears to hear, let him hear...


Charlie, Caley and and Nick