Thursday, March 11, 2010

two-er dairy ketchup 2

In Sacramento. All is lovely. Here is some recapping...

Detroit : Good warehouse show which turned into a raw techno party, very Detroit-ish. Douche vibes increased as the night went on. Some drunk guy called Tony a "hippie faggot" which has been really sticking in his craw, especially the hippie part which none of us understand.

Chicago : My favorite show so far. Empty Bottle, totally packed, the greatest sound as always. We played with some bands which everyone should check out. One was Cool Memories, very smooth and evil, with Sade and Badalamenti elements. Wonderful people too. I look forward to kicking it with them in the future. The other band was Tirra Lirra, also dark and wonderful. After the show two of us went off with these creepy girls and had a night which we thought was going to be creepy and awesome but turned out to be just creepy and lame.

Minneapolis : Killer. We left immediately after the show to get a headstart on a two-day 29-hour drive to Vancouver. It's fucking crazy but we do it every time. We all spun some really epic driving playlists. I'm going to post a link soon for an Extra Life van jams sampler. We have the best taste, especially Nick! The drives were productive too. I've been writing lyrics, Tony's been working on electronic solo music and Caley's been working on a Head Shrinker remix which is sounding sick.

Vancouver : Not exactly a packed show. Jiminy Cricket and his date left before we even finished The Ladder. But we had lovely hosts! I like the 'couv, whatever our draw may or may not be there.

Seattle : Two shows, both sick. The Northwest for us is the Metal Zone because Nate Carson hooks us up with all these great heavy people. We played with the brutal Trees and stayed with the guys from Lesbian who unfortunately couldn't play but were cool as hell. When I first walked into their house and I immediately saw a Gorecki string quartets CD laying on a workout bench and pornography plastering the walls, I felt truly at home.

Portland : Did I mention we love the Northwest? We ripped God knows how many sick records from Nate. Have you ever heard Two Ton Boa ??? whoooo boy we've been freaking out about them.

SF : People are psyched here! So are we. We rocked with Ora Cogan and Chelsea Wolfe, both killer. Check em.

okok food and coffee now! xo