Saturday, February 27, 2010

tour diary catch up

Tour has been pretty lovely and lively. Here are some highlights so far:

Providence : The fish and chips slayed. Tinsel Teeth spat fake blood all over the place and the singer took her tits out. She had a David Yow vibe but she was a blazing hot girl, which maybe defeats the purpose? Anyway they did bring it. Then we all smoked salvia and space/time became either rays of meat or coral patterns between the bristles of a giant brush, depending on which one of us you asked.

Kittery Maine : The clam shack was closed when we rolled up but we wound up getting seafood for breakfast the next morning. It slayed even more than the Providence fish. We're all about regional cuisine on this tour. The show put me in a fantastic mood mostly because of our friend Al's Morrissey cover band, Morrissey Practice. They had really done their homework with the detailed keyboard parts. They actually focused more on mid period solo Moz and I realized I need to re-buy Kill Uncle NOW!

Montreal : Poutine rules. It's like all they eat up there. It's fries with gravy and cheese curds. Kind of like disco fries but the curds are a little sour and way more interesting. Elfin Saddle are wonderful, check them out.

Toronto : Chinese food is good in Toronto. Turnout wasn't huge at the show but the standard tiny group of awesome kindred spirit freaks were really psyched. We crashed at this loft where they were throwing this huge magazine launch party with all these coked-out ghouls gone wild. We lurked in the corner and got drunk with this guy we met named Tommy Toast, an older ex-bike messenger guy from next door. He kept talking about this cooking show he's starting where he's going to chop everything with a chainsaw. He tried to bring his chainsaw into the party but it got confiscated by this dapper guy who looked way less tough than him. I wish I got a picture!

Ann Arbor : Lost control of the van and drove off the road on the way! No one was hurt and the van is fine. We weren't going very fast at all but this ice is brutal. I'll say, losing control of a vehicle at any speed is the SCARIEST fucking feeling. AAA rules. We made it to the show, a really nice college party vibe. It was the birthday party for our friend Josh of the truly fantastic band Our Brother the Native . I'm happy about some shorter drives the next few days..