Monday, January 18, 2010

RE... SPECT.... WALK... (youtalkintame?)

You know what I'm not down with? A soundguy getting on the PA and telling me I have ten minutes left. That makes sense to do if a band is alread running way over time. It also makes sense if the band is high school kids at a talent show. It doesn't make sense to pull that shit with me.

This happened last week at an Extra Life show at Union Pool (packed btw) and, prompted by these feelings plus the fact that I hadn't gone to sleep the night before, I told the soundman how I felt. He immediately kicked us off the stage and everyone at the show was all ~weirded out~ by the fact that I wasn't more chill about it. I know, God forbid someone has a BAD VIBE, that's like soooo not the chill positive 00's indie vibe brah...

It's a respect issue. If you actually take music seriously you can let the band go literally 2 or 3 minutes over time without trying to pull rank on me. It's like people want to act like these down-to-earth Brooklyn rock scene dudes and work at a club but really they're anal conservative business dicks who are scared of their bosses and don't even respect musicians.

Plus this is the same venue that wouldn't let me add on the bill M Lamar because they found him "hard to listen to".... We'll be sharing the bill with him at Death By Audio on Feb 20. He rules.