Friday, January 22, 2010

music is the healing force in the universe

No deep news. I"m hammered. I was feeling very lonely and depressed earlier today but I listened to a bunch of music and drank like 90 old fashioneds and now I'm feeling "better". Ever heard this band Paper Chase??? I barely just stumbled upon them and I think they are awesome. I'm also feeling Zola Jesus right now. Check her out.

Also fuck around with YUKON! This is the Baltimore band of Nick Podgurski, the Extra Life drummer. They are awesome and different! Fuck around. They'll have a new record in April and are doing a big tour.

Extra Life U.S tour in March will be awesome. Euro tour in May will likewise be deepp..

Music makes people feel better. That's the point. It's really pretty simple. I'm going to sleep, enough is enough... xoxoxo