Tuesday, December 8, 2009

poison darts

This Saturday Dec 12, the new music ensemble Yarn/Wire is doing the first performance of "Poison Darts", a percussion duo piece I wrote back in 2006. The percussionists are Ian from Zs and Russell from Hi Red Center and obviously they're going to kill it. I wrote the piece when I was in a very obsessive workaholic phase and it will be vibrant with that refined masochism at the heart of "classical" music. I'm psyched. Oh it's happening at the Stone in NYC, corner of Ave C and 2nd st, 8:00 pm, $10. They'll also be performing some other piece which I'm sure will be great.

About to track more vocals... Warming up my pipes to Morrissey "Your Arsenal". This man never sang a single note I didn't love.