Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Made Flesh

dear friends, fans, music scholars, secret Christians, psychicks and people with sex issues,

Now I blog. Boom, it's happening... This blog will be about Extra Life, my other projects, and activities of my friends. Oh-Ten is going to be truly ill. Many many things will be going down.

The big thing now is we're in the middle of making a new album . I don't want to give away too many details just yet but it's called Made Flesh and it's coming out in March on LOaf Records. We just did a bunch of tracking with Colin Marston (the mad metallurgist behind Krallice, also now in the legendary Gorguts) and we're recording the rest of it with Caley. Lots of synth, layered guitar textures, noise and swirling falsehoods.

Oh and we're making a music video for the first single "Head Shrinker". It will feature a saxophone solo by this guy :

You will see what I'm talking about before long!