Tuesday, November 13, 2012


dear everyone who cares,

Extra Life has officially disbanded. While it’s somewhat difficult to articulate exactly why, let’s just say that the inner creative momentum driving the band has stalled. The dissolution is completely amicable.  We’re deeply proud of everything we’ve managed to do in this little five-year period and Dream Seeds feels like a real high note to leave on. Everything we have done has felt 100% inspired and we simply don’t want to do things which no longer feel that way.

All three of us are in music for life and we’ll be cranking out records and performing in different contexts until our hearts stop. Nick’s new band Feast of the Epiphany is in full prolific force right now, with new releases and extensive US and European tours planned.  Caley is hard at work with We Can’t Enjoy Ourselves and his work as a producer and engineer. Charlie is gearing up for the debut release by his acoustic band Seaven Teares, and is rehearsing with a new as-yet-unnamed metallic band. Anyway please do stay tuned for all our individual future output as we go our separate ways and leave Extra Life behind. 

The last Extra Life show will be on January 19 in Brooklyn at 285 Kent  with our dear friends Tyondai Braxton, Sam Mickens and Oneirogen (Mario Diaz de Leon).

The deepest thanks to everyone who has supported us :  fans, friends, Northern Spy, Africantape and all the labels we’ve ever worked with, bookers, promoters… even press. You have all helped give Extra Life a real place in the Music World which, despite our complex relationship with that world, has been a true joy. We are very grateful.


Charlie, Caley and Nick