Sunday, January 2, 2011

Return of Extra Life

We're back to performing this Saturday. We get to feel human again. First show as the new trio, with Caley on guitar and myself on synth, Nick "Drums" Podgurski still on the throne. Much of the set is completely new, including some never-performed Ripped Heart EP material and also some even newer unrecorded songs. All three of these other bands on the bill are just fantastic.

Ripped Heart comes out in April digitally on LOAF Recordings. Four new songs. A very limited vinyl edition will be issued on my own nascent label Last Things Records, which doesn't even have a website yet. Along with the vinyl purchase we'll be offering a free download of a remix EP featuring remixes by Xiu Xiu, Former Ghosts w/Sam Mickens, Laurel Halo and Liturgy.

Some kind of touring will happen in April, not sure whether US or EU. Plans are still coming together but we'll definitely be back on the road a good amount in 2011. Fuck a job!