Tuesday, September 7, 2010

general update


Thought I'd give everyone a little catch-up. First, the Kickstarter campaign exceeded its goal almost immediately. Extra Life fans are amazing. There are still 19 days left for the campaign so if anyone feels like throwing even more money at us, we wouldn't say no. But anyway let me extend immense gratitude to everyone who pledged.

We're on break from shows until the end of the year. This is so we can rehearse brand new material, and also work on recording the Ripped Heart EP. That will come out on LOAF early next year. We will strive to make it worthy of the generosity funding it.

Other news: Tony is no longer in the band. He has obviously been really important to Extra Life since the very beginning. But it's for the best now. We're actually not looking for a new bassist. Instead, the next phase will be a trio with Nick and Caley. I'll be holding down the low end with synth. Caley will still play some violin, but it turns out he's also a sick sick guitarist! So he'll be doing that. Possibly a fourth member of some kind will come along at some point but having rehearsed as a trio, I'm really psyched about just doing that.

While we incubate the new line-up and record, I'll be playing shows in NY with my new project Seaven Teares, finally re-visiting Sculptress, playing with Period, and releasing a split EP of chamber music with Sam Hillmer of Zs.