Sunday, June 13, 2010


Didn't blog at all on this Euro trip. No pictures or anything. We were all just too caught up in "lived experience" to blog. As it should be! Also, driving stick shift on the wrong side of the road onto ferries was consuming most of our attentions.

Special love to Switzerland, France and Ireland for giving us such special love. XOXO!!!

Won't be touring for a while. Maybe some quick little things in the fall. But mostly we'll be busy recording a short EP of new songs for release at year's end, and also rehearsing even newer material for whatever the next full-length will be.

Look out for Yukon tours in late summer and fall.. New material is so ill.

Oh and New Yorkers, come see our Brooklyn return show on June 23. It's also the record release party for the Splayed Flesh remix EP, which doesn't come out officially until July 27 but come get a copy early.. This will be the last Extra Life show for a couple of months...